Green Cleanse Smoothie

Green Cleanse Smoothie

After a long and unreasonably cold winter, the sun is beginning to make a welcoming appearance. Spring brings with it a sense of optimism and lightness, where people begin to shed their clothes and break free from hibernation.

The warmer mornings means saying goodbye to my comforting bowl of oats, which has been a much loved staple all through winter. With the arrival of the sun my body begins to crave light, refreshing food and this smoothie recipe has been on repeat. It's the ultimate green smoothie to cleanse the body of winter and to re awaken the spirits. Packed with anti-inflammatories like ginger and spinach and naturally detoxifying foods like lemon, mint and cucumber - it'll really put the spring back in your step.

The addition of courgette may seem unusual but it gives the smoothie a delicious creaminess, plus the more greens in the morning, the merrier. Enjoyed best sipped outside, basking in the sunshine. 


Courgette, 1

Mint, handful

Lemon, 1, juice

Ginger, generous chunk, peeled

Cucumber, 1/4

Kiwifruit, 1

Spinach, 1 handful



Place the ingredients in a food processor with a handful of ice and water. Blend until smooth and creamy.