Just like their products, the Coconut Secret story began simply. Siblings and founders Leslie and Randy were in search of natural low-glycemic options for their parents, who had just been diagnosed with diabetes. Appalled by what was being passed off as “diabetic-safe” foods, their search for simple, minimally processed options led to their discovery of coconut sugar.

 They travelled to the Philippines to find out more about coconut sugar, learning that it was made by collecting the "sap" from coconut tree blossoms. The sap was then heated and evaporated into a syrup-like product, then evaporated further to produce coconut sugar. It was at this point that a light bulb went off for Leslie and Randy… instead of turning it into sugar, what could be made from the syrup itself? And soon afterwards - with a little tinkering and a lot of passion - the first Coconut Aminos was born!

 Today, thanks to Leslie’s and Randy’s discovery, the coconut blossom’s sweet secret has evolved to become the clean eater’s culinary companion - naturally perfected and delivering Asian-inspired tastes in a range of flavorful and clean sauces, marinades, and sweeteners that are always Organic, soy-free, gluten free, MSG-Free, and oh-so delicious!