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NZ's natural health and wellness store. 100% NZ family owned.

We are a small family run business, and we love what we do.

Founded and proudly run here in New Zealand, we offer some exceptional local products - but we know it can be hard finding exactly what you’re looking for in little old NZ, so we also search across the globe.

We only provide natural products we use at home and at work every day, so you can feel confident knowing that each one of our products is tried, tested, and loved by us and our extended family.

We’re not a big corporation, nor do we ever want to be. We’re small, nimble and proud of it and because we love what we do, we’re always available to offer advice and assistance whenever you need it.



We don’t buy in or have fancy cartons that increase your cost, we use and reuse cartons and packing materials from other like minded stores. It’s all about the beautiful products not the beautiful packaging.

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