Vitamin Code Calcium & Magnesium Gummies


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  • Increase Bone Strength?
  • Reduce Osteoporosis Risk??
  • Whole food fermented nutrients for better absorption?
  • Prebiotics & Probiotics Bacillus subtilis DE111? 
  • 100mg calcium in one gummy 
  • 0g sugar, not a reduced calorie food
  • Delicious raspberry-flavored gummy 

Calcium and Magnesium Supplement?A Tasty Twist on Bone Health?

It?s no secret that as we age, the health and strength of our bones becomes more and more important. Now you have calcium magnesium gummies that have all the good stuff you want and are downright delicious! Formulated with bone health in mind,? Vitamin Code Calcium and Magnesium Gummies offer 100mg of calcium, fermented vitamin D3 and K2, plus clinically studied probiotics, Bacillus subtilis DE111?, in just one yummy gummy. These tasty gummies are formulated to increase bone strength,? reduce the risk of osteoporosis,?? and support digestive health.? All this with 0g of sugar! These yummy raspberry-flavored gummies are Non-GMO Project Verified and NSF Certified Gluten Free, making them clean nutrition for your bone health.?

Why Choose Vitamin Code Gummies? 

Quite frankly?because they are better. Supporting your health is now easier, tastier, and more convenient than ever with our full line of vitamin and mineral gummies. These yummy gummies are made from whole food fermented ingredients, contain clinically studied probiotics, and are downright delicious. Vitamin Code gummies put a tasty twist on targeted formulas for the entire family, and are all Non-GMO Project Verified and NSF Certified Gluten Free. They're clean nutrition for everybody?s body.?