Earthing Band Kit


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The Earthing Band Kit Includes -

1 x Small Orange Body Band 

1 x Large Orange Body Band

2 x  Coil Cords 

1 x Adapter Plug

1 x Outlet Checker

Use on bare skin. Place around your wrist, ankle, foot, arm, leg or thigh while relaxing indoors or even sleeping at night.

Using Your Body Bands

1. The body bands can be put around your wrist, shoulder or thigh.

2. Snap the cord onto the Body Band connection tab.

3. Insert the end of your Earthing Cord into the plug and then into a grounded wall outlet.

4. You must make direct skin contact with Body Bands.

You can use a band at night while sleeping or during the day while working or relaxing. You can use instead of, or in addition to, an Earthing sheet or mat. The accompanying Earthing coil cord permits some mobility, for instance, should you wish to be grounded while doing yoga.