The Raw Gourmet by Nomi Shannon

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The Raw Gourmet by Nomi Shannon - 256 page paperback


This book is a full-color recipe, information and resource book, filled with pictures and easy-to-follow recipes to guide you with ease to a healthy lifestyle. Every page is printed on glossy paper and the mouthwatering photographs encourage you to want to try every recipe in the book. Try exotic dishes like chili rellenos, spinach mousse, and vegetable nori roll-ups. Or, on a more familiar note, serve up a living foods version of old favorites like pizza, tomato soup or apple pie. Whatever you choose, this book brings a rich variety of flavors and textures to your table and offers everything your body needs to stay healthy and vigorous.


Chapter 1 The Basics

Chapter 2 Breakfast

Chapter 3 Juices and Blended Drinks

Chapter 4 Salads and Vegetables

Chapter 5 Fundamental Flavours

Chapter 6 Entrees 

Chapter 7 Desserts


Appendix Equipment List; Sprouting Chart; Seasona Buying and SToring Chart; About Food Combining; Three Week Menu Plan; Special Occasion Menu Suggestions; Sources; Grocery Guide Bibliography Index