Vitamin Code - Raw B Complex - 60 capsules


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VC B complex 60
VC B Complex 60 nutritionals

Feed your body with Vitamin Code Raw B Complex Formula, a comprehensive, whole-food B-Complex formula with Raw Food-Created Nutrients. Individually cultivated with their unique Code Factors intact, Raw Food-Created Nutrients enable targeted delivery and natural recognition of the nutrients by your body.

Go beyond vitamins and minerals with Vitamin Code Raw B-Complex Formula, providing Raw Food-Created Nutrients for mental and physical energy; heart and blood health; metabolism and immune system support; and a healthy response to stress.

  • Raw Beyond Vitamins & Minerals
  • High Potency
  • Raw B-Complex Formula
  • With Folic Acid and Biotin
  • Live Enzymes and Probiotics
  • Raw · Vegan · Gluten Free · Dairy Free
  • Raw Food Dietary Supplement
  • UltraZorbe Vegan Capsules 
VC B complex 60
VC B Complex 60 nutritionals