Oxy-powder Intestinal Cleanser (Oxy powder) - 120 capsules


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oxy-powder 120
oxy-powder 120 nutritionals

Oxy-Powder is the original oxygen-based intestinal cleanser discovered and developed by Nicola Tesla in 1898. A #1 best-seller and fan favorite for over 20 years with over 5,000 Reviews. Oxy-Powder relieves gas, bloating, and occasional constipation! 

? Over 3 million bottles sold worldwide

 ? Over 70% repurchase rate

 ? Releases oxygen for over 18 hours

Oxy-Powder is an oxygen-based colon cleanser that releases beneficial oxygen into the intestinal tract to melt away the toxins and fecal matter from the intestines and colon. Oxy-Powder 6 and 7 day colon cleanse instructions by Global Healing.

 Cleansing with Oxy-Powder can:

* Cleanse, Refresh, and Detoxify

* Eliminate Waste Clogging Your Colon

* Promote Renewed Vitality

* Promote A Healthy Immune System

Promoting maximum absorption of vital Nutrients Oxy-Powder helps to gently flush, cleanse and detoxify your colon without the dangerous and embarrassing side effects of laxatives and herbal colon cleansers. No harmful stimulants or irritants whatsoever.

oxy-powder 120
oxy-powder 120 nutritionals