Dr Group's Cleansing Foot Pads


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Dr Group's Cleansing Foot Pads
Dr Group's Cleansing Foot Pads

Dr. Group's Foot Pads

.Contains 10 foot pads .

Traditional & Holistic Detox Pads

Elevate your wellbeing by liberating your body from the pervasive toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals that lurk within our food, water, air, and environment. Our premium Cleansing Foot Pads, meticulously crafted through years of dedicated medical research in Japan, encapsulate an elite blend of organic bamboo extracts, hand-selected herbs, and precious gemstones. This harmonious fusion promotes the natural cleansing of impurities, providing a detoxifying experience par excellence while you indulge in restful sleep. Made exclusively with all-natural, non-GMO, organic ingredients, these foot patches assure a safe and tranquil experience, fostering the perfect ambiance for nocturnal cleansing. Simply attach a pad to each foot as an integral part of your nighttime ritual, and awaken to a heightened sense of vitality and profound inner cleanliness.



Gently peel off one adhesive backing paper. Attach one foot pad, logo side down, onto the center of the adhesive side of the sheet.


Apply the foot pad to the center of the foot near the arch. Press gently to ensure the pad is secure. Repeat process for the other foot. Socks may be worn over the pads.


Go to bed as normal. Pads should be left in place for eight hours or until the pads become discolored, hard, or damp.


Remove the used pads and discard the following morning. Avoid touching the discolored part as this now contains impurities that have been absorbed during sleep. Thoroughly wash the feet. Pads may not be reused.

UNIQUELY MADE Traditional Detox, Modern Approach.

Raising the bar in detoxification, our Cleansing Foot Pads utilize premium, all-natural ingredients and the power of tourmaline's far-infrared energy. These pads are a testament to the wisdom of traditional Eastern medicine, which values holistic and natural approaches to wellness. Crafted in partnership with top-tier laboratories in the USA and Japan, our detox foot pads outshine the competition, offering a potent, superior cleanse.

THE BENEFITS How Cleansing Foot Pads Lead to a Better You.

Traditional Cleansing

Our foot pads, deeply rooted in traditional Eastern medicine and reflexology, harness the idea of detoxification through the feet. These principles suggest that stimulating specific points on the feet can expel toxins and enhance overall health. Infused with potent, natural ingredients, our foot pads work overnight to absorb toxins from your skin, simultaneously promoting relaxation and body comfort. Designed for ease of use, these pads offer a scientifically-backed, hassle-free approach to detoxification.

Boosts Energy

Foot pads are believed to increase energy by aiding in removing toxins from the body. The theory is that these toxins can cause fatigue and lethargy, so by helping to remove them, foot pads can indirectly help to increase energy levels. Moreover, the natural ingredients used in our foot pads, like tourmaline, emit far-infrared energy, stimulating the soles of the feet and potentially promoting improved circulation and energy flow throughout the body. Plus, some ingredients were chosen for their traditional uses in promoting relaxation and improving sleep quality. Better sleep can contribute to increased energy levels during waking hours.

Helps Circulation

Utilizing the strength of organic and entirely natural ingredients, our pads promote enhanced foot stimulation and boost circulation, fostering a surge of revitalizing energy throughout your body. Bamboo vinegar, a noteworthy component, is known for emitting infrared rays. These rays can stimulate the feet' soles, thereby improving circulation. As these rays penetrate the skin, they may enhance blood flow and expedite the elimination of toxins, leaving you feeling thoroughly rejuvenated.

MADE WITHClean, Pure, Premium Ingredients


Tourmaline is known for its far-infrared radiation emission, enhancing detoxification and circulation, while its negative ions promote relaxation and well-being.

Organic bamboo vinegar emits infrared rays, which can stimulate the feet and enhance circulation. Additionally, its strong absorptive properties may assist in removing impurities from the skin.

Organic wood vinegar has strong absorption properties, which aid in drawing out toxins and impurities from the body. Furthermore, it stimulates foot reflexology points, enhancing circulation and promoting overall well-being.

Dextrin acts as a binder, enhancing the pads' ability to absorb and hold onto the toxins and impurities drawn out from the body during use.

Sporopollenin has a unique capacity to bind to various toxins, pollutants, and heavy metals.

Dr Group's Cleansing Foot Pads
Dr Group's Cleansing Foot Pads