Forage Bars.

Forage Bars.

Our Forage Bars are handmade with love and passion in beautiful Marlborough, New Zealand by Jenny and Richard. 

Their mission is to run a profitable business that creates a unique, natural, environmentally friendly superior quality body and bathing experience for our customers that gives them delight.

Their enviromental practices are second to none.

  • All heating is done from wood which is sourced within a few km of their base, from locally grown trees (sustainably managed), so is carbon neutral.
  • All soap wastage and trimmings are re-used as laundry detergent.
  • They have virtually no discharge to water, any discharge (e.g. rinsing equipment) is managed by their our own waste management plant on the property.
  • Zero discharge to atmosphere.

Marlborough Olive Oil and Marlborough Manuka Honey feature in many of the  Bars along with other sustainable natural ingredients.

Our new Forage Face Bars have been a hit. 

"I won't use anything else on my face, this soap is amazing at cleansing my skin, and also removes makeup beautifully. I simply lather up in my hands and then rub it over my skin. It leaves a lovely soft feel on my face."   U Smith, Whanganui

"Hi there, thank you for this product! After two months of struggling with eczema around my eyes and face and trying so many products - this simple little bar of soap has taken away all symptoms, dryness and puffiness! I've been using day and night and i can't believe it worked. Thank you!!!   Rathikka

"I wanted to let you know I’ve been using the Forage face bar for two weeks now and have noticed incredibly positive results - absolutely love it!!   Nikki - Journey & Co.