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Super Z Lite - Zeolite Liquid (Alcohol Free) - 118g

Omica Organics

Super Z Lite - Zeolite Liquid (Alcohol Free) - 118g

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 Omica Super-Z-Lite Liquid contains the highest zeolite concentrations and the smallest micronized zeolite particles of any other liquid zeolite supplement on the market. Zeolites are a group of volcanic minerals that support a powerful, natural chelating process when taken orally, by allowing the release of harmful toxins and heavy metals from the body.

Omica Super-Z-Lite Liquid distinguishes itself from other liquid zeolite products in several very significant ways: Particle Size, Concentration/Volume, Purity, Source, Formulation and Production Quality.

 Key Benefits

  • Act as a powerful antioxidant and improve physical performance
  • Removal of pesticides, herbicides and dioxins from the body
  • Breakdown and disposal of heavy metals, toxins & viruses
  • Correct metabolic conditions and boost natural energy
  • Improve nutrient absorption and increase assimilation
  • Restore immune system and nourish healthy cells
  • Removal of radioactive substances from the body
  • Improve mental function and sustain better mood
  • Boost the body pH to a healthy alkalinity
  • Accelerate hangover recovery
  • Reduce allergic reactions
Super Z Lite - Zeolite Liquid (Alcohol Free) - 118g

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