Milk Diet As A Remedy For Chronic Disease by Charles Sanford Porter

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Milk Diet As A Remedy for Chronic Disease by Charles Sanford Porter 184 page softcover


Milk Diet is a treatment book, based on the observations of Dr. Porter who spent over 41 years permanently curing or modifying disease in over 18,000 of his patients with the use of raw milk. This treatment dates back to the time of Hippocrates. This book also details the composition of raw milk, giving explanation to how it is able to offer a safe alternative to conventional treatments for chronic disease. The healing is dramatic and is all about true healing and healing crises, not the suppression of symptoms.


Milk Diet as a Remedy for Chronic Disease by Charles Sanford Porter M.D. is both simple and concise. A true self-help manual. First published in 1905, the book was written with the purpose of helping individuals treat themselves with raw milk. Milk Diet as a Remedy for Chronic Disease chronicles the effects of a raw milk diet as he used it in the early 1900s. Unlike many health protocols that require working with a practitioner to monitor lab tests and supplements, this book puts the power of healing in the hands of the reader. Drawing on twenty-seven years of experience in using the raw milk diet as a cure for chronic diseases, Porter details how to use a raw milk diet and what to expect during the treatment. Dr. Porter based his version of the raw milk diet on a few basic premises. First, raw milk is white blood and therefore a good source of materials with which your body can easily make new blood. The second premise is that the best method of treating chronic disease is by addressing the quality and quantity of circulation of blood through the body. Porter suggests that, On the condition of the blood depends the outcome of the struggle, whether life or death, a short or long illness. The circulation of the blood is nature's agent in eliminating disease” (page 55). Supporting evidence of Porter's blood theory is found in the live blood cell analysis of people eating a WAPF diet as published in the winter 2009 Wise Traditions journal.


This article shows a clear connection between the quality of blood and the health of the individual. Why read the book if the cure seems so simple? Porter addresses reactions to the treatment, such as how constipation can occur and how to remedy it. He addresses the need for rest, warm baths and fresh air. He explains how the muscles will grow larger and heavier as they distend with the large quantity of new blood circulating through them and also how the new blood nourishes, rebuilds and heals the internal organs. Within 48-78 hours of beginning the milk cure, a person's pulse will increase twelve beats to the minute. (page 51). Understanding how the body is reacting to the milk cure gives a person courage to continue on the diet until health is reestablished. In a day and age of increasing chronic disease Porter's protocol can have lasting effects on many people. Most intriguing is the fact that this cure can be undertaken without lab tests or supplements and as Porter declares, it is a simple thing, and within any person's reach (page 135). Indeed it is and Porter's book helps make it so.


The Milk Diet, in brief:

*Raw milk is a nutrient dense food that gives your body the tools it needs to heal and rebuild.

*Since it is liquid, it is more easily absorbed than solid food.

*The raw milk diet is exclusive nothing but raw milk for a period of about 3 weeks.

*Daily intake of about 6 quarts taken on an ongoing sipping basis throughout the day.

*Sipping slowly throughout the day allows nutrients to constantly enter the body without compromising assimilation via digestion overload.

*High density nutrient feeding is coupled with bed rest 24/7 throughout the diet. This is impractical for some but is ideal for the truly ill.

*The intense rest allows and enables the body to focus it's limited energy exclusively on healing, not exertion.