Grounded Wearable Band Kit Small


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Grounded Wearable Band Kit Small
Grounded Wearable Band Kit Small

The Small Earthing® Grounded Band Kit can be used anywhere you stretch, do yoga, sit, relax or sleep. The small band kit is a great way to treat injury and inflammation and concentrate the Earth’s healing energy to specific locations. It can be worn on the arm, elbow or ankle, near an injury, wound or area of acute pain to accelerate the healing process and reduce local inflammation and discomfort.The Kit comes with a cord and plug which is needed for connection to the Earth.

Earthing Grounded Wearables

We recommend wearing them for a minimum of 30 minutes, but the longer the better! The Wearables will need to touch bare skin for best results. They are designed for day to day use and can be used over and over. They stretch to 12cm so you can comfortably slip them onto your wrist, arm, ankle or lower leg.

The Grounded Small Band concentrates the Earth's healing energy to a specific location. It is a well-known scientific fact that the Earth’s surface brims with energy in the form of free electrons. Connecting to the Earth allows the body to absorb these electrons and is why people may experience a subtle tingling or warmth when they start Earthing. This feeling is the pulse of the Earth’s natural frequencies of energy, as well as the inflammation draining from the body. 

Benefits Of Earthing Grounded Small Bands

  • accelerate wound healing process 
  • reduce local inflammation and discomfort
  • increase circulation
  • improve RSI
  • help joint pain
  • relieve stiffness

How Do I Connect My Wearables To Be Conductive?

The Earthing Grounded Small Bands NEED to be connected to the Earth with an Earthing cord and plug to be conductive and to bring the healing energy from the earth to the site of the injury. The coil cords will stretch up to 5 metres to allow you to move around.

NOTE: You can use your Earthing® Wearables without a cord and plug and still be conductive ONLY if you are making contact with another Earthing product such as the Elite Sleep Mat and Mattress Covers. As your sleep product is already conductive when it connects with the silver in the Earthing® Wearables it will increase the flow of electrons into that area giving an extra boost of healing power! 

Grounded Wearable Band Kit Small
Grounded Wearable Band Kit Small