Super Spirulina Plus/Potent Proteins


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super spirulina
super spirulina nutritionals

Body Ecology's Super Spirulina Plus is a superfood made from all organic and all fermented ingredients. Spirulina, quinoa, millet, brown rice, chickpeas and seeds have been fermented with live naturally occurring beneficial microflora. All of the nutrients in this amazing food are pre digested and are easily utilised by the body. Use Super Spirulina Plus daily to help naturally detoxify your body, maintain a healthy weight, and boost your energy.

Super Spirulina Plus is an incredibly energising, nutrient dense powder that is perfect for:

  • Detoxifying the body
  • Age management and longevity
  • People who want to preserve good health
  • Those following a vegan or vegetarian diet
  • Athletes, children, pregnant women & the elderly
  • Studies have shown that spirulina can:
  • Help your body fight infection
  • Inhibit allergic reactions
  • Lower your cholesterol
  • Raise your HDL (good cholesterol) levels
  • Help you maintain a healthy weight
super spirulina
super spirulina nutritionals