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Adya Clarity is a dissolved ionic mineral salt. It is a magnetic sulfate mineral solution that is extracted through an acid sulfate process from one of the rarest, and most mineral rich Biotite or Black Mica sources on this planet. With over 80 trace minerals in soluble form, Adya Clarity also provides the body with one of the most complete mineral matrices that Nature has to offer.

  • Bacteria is eliminated
  • Impurities are clarified
  • Oxygen is activated
  • Frequency and energy are raised
  • Taste is enhanced

The result is great tasting water that is mineral rich, hydrating, and detoxifying. This honourable mineral salt is so powerful we have been able to provide 3rd world countries the ability to sanitise and purify some of the most contaminated water on this Earth. 

Functions of Adya Clarity: 

Adya Clarity's function is to precipitate dissolved contaminants within water making the toxins harmless. Adya Clarity has the ability to convert dissolved contaminants into burned-up, inert matter.

  • Magnetic Sulfate Minerals increase the elements needed for optimum cellular function
  • Purify, Microcluster, Structure and Optimize any water by simply adding Adya Clarity


Procedure for water purification:

  • Add 15 drops to 1 liter of water or 1 teaspoon to a gallon (4.5 litres) & stir
  • For filtered water wait 30 sec
  • For tap water wait 30 min
  • Depending on contaminants, there will be a gathering of agglutinated substance at bottom of container, peachy in colour. This is inert and harmless. Even if you drank it, it is neutralized and will not do anything in your body, but you can drink the top and pour out the bottom if you want.