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Perfect Food Berry, Supergreen Fruit & Vegan Formula - 240g

Garden of Life

Perfect Food Berry, Supergreen Fruit & Vegan Formula - 240g

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Perfect Food Berry Super Green Fruit & Veggie Formula is made with 49 nutrient-rich and organically grown whole food based ingredients to ensure your body receives the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables.

Providing 4,340 mg of greens per serving, Perfect Food Berry contains 21 vegetable juices, 12 fermented sprouted grains and legumes, 8 marine plants and 7 fruits and berries, 5 of which have been freeze dried to maintain nutrient delivery and fresh taste.

An excellent source of natural antioxidants including vitamins A and C, Perfect Food Berry features an organic fruit blend of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and tart cherry that contributes to an ORAC value of 2,000 TE per serving, approximately 20% of the antioxidant value of healthy diet with the daily recommended 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.

  • Made with Live Probiotics
  • 49 Phytonutrient-Dense Superfoods
  • 12 Sprouted Ingredients
  • Antioxidant - Over 2,000 ORAC
  • 30 Servings
  • Whole Food Dietary Supplement
Perfect Food Berry, Supergreen Fruit & Vegan Formula - 240g

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