Immune Balance Sinus - 30 Vegetarian capsules


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sinus nutritionals

Immune Balance Sinus from Garden of Life is a dynamic, broad-spectrum immunity formula that provides multidimensional support for seasonal sinus and respiratory health and wellness. Immune Balance Sinus works naturally to support a balanced immune system response for seasonal protection of sinus and respiratory health.

Featuring Wild Crafted ButterburImmune System Activator Wild crafted butterbur extract, and its active component petasins, affect the function of immune components in the blood, supporting healthy immune function. Wild crafted butterbur extract has a significant amount of scientific support including multiple 'Gold-Standard' double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical studies.

  • Whole Food Dietary Supplement
  • Multidimensional Immune Support for Sinus and the Upper Respiratory System
  • Supports sinus health
  • Supports nasal and throat health
  • Supports a healthy respiratory tract
  • Promotes overall immune health during stress
sinus nutritionals