Excalibur Raw Foods Dehydration Chart


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Excalibur 'Raw Foods Dehydration' Chart, Laminated A4 4 page 

In Raw Foods Dehydration, readers are introduced to the concept of dehydration for raw food purposes, why and how it is practices, and tips for using a dehydrator.

Recipes and procedures for dehydrated preparations are included.

8.5 X 11-- 2 panel, 4 page fully laminated Info Chart




•How Dehydration Changes Food

•What's Made in a Dehydrator

•Why Dehydrate?

•Raw Food Dehydration Temperature

•Can You Use Your Conventional Oven?

•How Long Does It Take?

•Selecting a Dehydrator

•The Parafexx Sheet

•Flip It?

•Dried Food Storage

•How Long Will It Last?



•Use Your Leftovers

•Dehydrator Maintenance