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Earthing Large Sleep Mat


Earthing Large Sleep Mat

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The Earthing Single Sleep Mat + Includes:

      • 1 x Earthing Large Sleep Mat
      • 1 x  4.6m (15ft) Straight cord
      • 1 x Adapter plug with built-in splitter

Medically Proven Health Benefits:

  • Better sleep quality 
  • Improved circulation and blood flow 
  • Relief from pain and inflammation 
  • Reduced stress
  • Relief from muscle tension
  • Boost to immune system 

Setting Up The Sleep Mat

The conductive side is the smooth, leather-like material and should be placed facing up directly under your fitted sheet.  Use the straps to secure the mat directly to your mattress under your fitted sheet.  

How To Wash and Care For Your Earthing Mat

To clean the mat, simply wipe down the mat using a non corrosive cleaner. Do not use chlorine bleach or liquid fabric softener, or any detergent containing bleach or fabric softener, chemicals that can ruin the conductivity of the mat. Do not apply lotions, creams, or oils to the skin before bedtime on parts of your body that will be in contact with the Earthing mat. Such substances oxidize and can damage conductivity. Air dry the mat only.

Leather mat with black elastic straps and tape edge

Setting Up The Sleep mat

1. Place the mat on your mattress under a fitted sheet with the snap nub facing up, the straps will fit around the mattress to hold the mat in place .

2. Attach snap end of Earthing cord to snap nub on mat.

3. Insert prong end of Earthing cord into ground port (third hole) of nearest grounded electrical outlet on wall, or into Earthing ground rod cord if you use a ground rod connection. The mat is conductive on the snap side only.



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